High-Pressure Water Jetting Service

With our high-pressure truck-mounted water jetting system, we effectively flush, clean and maintain both the underground and overhead main sewerage and kitchen waste lines. Our forward and reverse high-pressure jets swiftly clear blockages, chokes and clogs by removing debris and mechanical build-up, including scale, silt, sand, grease and hardened sewerage. We provide 24 hours emergency response services. 

  • Tank cleaning (water storage tank)
  • Stubborn stains removal
  • Drain choke clearing (roof, trench, rainwater gutter pipes)
  • Grease traps & drain lines
  • Floor traps, kitchen waste pipes clearing
  • Sewage drains clearing
  • Manhole cleaning
  • Washing of interceptors / grease traps/ septic tanks
  • Washing of sump pits, washing bays, inspection chambers