Our Core Services

High Pressure Vacuum
High Pressure Jetting

Other Services

Pump Installation, Maintenance & Service
Plumbing and Sanitary
CCTV Inspection for Pipes

How It Works

Our Proven 3 Step Process

#1 Consultation

Explore your needs

#2 Planning

Customized solution

#3 Service Work

Professional services

Our Services

Comprehensive infrastructure maintenance solutions. 

Our core business specialises in providing comprehensive infrastructure maintenance solutions catering to a wide range of needs in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. With a focus on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, we offer a diverse portfolio of essential services designed to ensure the smooth functioning of vital infrastructure components.


  • High-pressure vacuum services
  • High-pressure water jetting services
  • Plumbing and obstruction removal solutions
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Expert dismantling and installation services for sanitary fixtures
  • Electro-mechanical services for kitchen waste pipes, gullies, drainage obstructions toilet chokes
  • Comprehensive sewer cleaning for sanitary and storm systems, conduits, culverts and drain pipes
  • Precise pipeline inspection using advanced CCTV technology
  • Plumbing & Choke Clearing
  • Dismantling & Installation of Toilet / Urinal Bowl
  • Sewer Cleaning – sanitary and storm sewer, conduits, culverts and drain pipes

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